Thursday, March 28, 2013

Continuing from THE CALL...

Victoria wanted the whole thing to sink in a bit before I made any decisions. We hung up and I called the hubs, and Mom & Dad, who were stoked. And just when I thought the whole thing was a dream, I received another email from Victoria later that day wrapping up our conversation. She said really fantastic things about my book and our future working together which I thought was so sweet. And all weekend I floated on clouds, except when doubts started to creep in (as they usually do), but when I started to get brought down, I reread Victoria's email which made me think, "Well at least someone likes my book...I'll take it!"

Victoria and I spoke again the following week about business and the story. I had wrapped up the submitted story in a nice little bow, but now that we were doing three books, that needed to be addressed. We spoke about ways to expand the story and the ideas started to flow. While waiting for her revisions, I outlined the series then brought my focus down to outline the first book and half of the second.

When I received the revisions, I read through them like twenty times, my heart pounding with excitement.  I let those sit for a day then began my rewrites.

That's when I disappeared for about two weeks. Dust bunnies collected, dishes piled up (along with take out boxes), and the hubs didn't understand why I didn't come to bed until the wee hours of the morning. But when March 15th came around and I emailed the revised manuscript at 2:30 in the morning, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Well, I actually handed that weight to Victoria who spent all weekend reading my book, she's very dedicated. Even though the weight was lifted, it was replaced with high amounts of anxiety (I found a gray hair the other day!! I stared at it, thinking it was a trick of the light then, I ripped that sucker out! Mental note: RELAX!) and those pesky "what ifs" resurfaced, the biggest being: What if I went in the totally wrong direction with the book and now she hates it?!?!!?


I'm a very needy writer. Can't you tell? :)

That weekend, I tried to relax before my new deadline but I worked all weekend at the day job, and those TBR books sat in my Kindle, shouting for me to read their published words but, alas, not a word was read. ::sad face::

I spoke with Victoria later that week, making some more tweaks to the story and she handed me a shiny new deadline of April 2nd. As the day nears I'll be seen less and less, but I promise I'll be back for more blogging. Adios for now!

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