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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome back!

I've always enjoyed author's recounting of THE CALL, so I thought I would share mine with you. Mind you, I had no intent to ever get this from my submission. I sent in my novel to Harlequin UK for feedback the first week in December 2012.

Then, on December 21st (an amazing Christmas present) I got an email from Harlequin UK about how they "thoroughly enjoyed my submission".

I read the email around a dozen times, wondering if it was a form letter of some sort, I mean, an open call with Harlequin, I'd been to enough cattle calls for acting that I knew there'd be A LOT of entries. The email said I would hear back in the new year so I put it aside in my head for the moment.

The novelty subsided as January passed. I had a focus and drive on a new script idea so I kept going with that. But at the end of February I got an amazing email from Victoria saying that she's been *excited* about my book and then...(the kicker) (...) " If you are around could I give you a call today?"

omg willandgrace (Yea that was totally me...)

I couldn't email her back fast enough, saying YES OF COURSE!! We decided on a time then I stared at the clock until one minute past that time when my phone rang.

The Call was everything I've read about from other authors I admire: exciting & heart pounding. I giggled, grinned like a fool and maybe shed a tear or two. For her to read exactly what I was trying to say in my novel was so incredible. We were both nervous, and I don't really remember if anything I said made sense, but we were on the same page in all aspects, except the biggest surprise of all...

She wanted a THREE-BOOK DEAL.

suprise spit snl

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