Almost there!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I had a wonderful chat with Victoria today. She is so great at easing my mind about my book. Over the weekend I worked on my edits and I honestly wanted to throw my computer out the window.

freak outpaper

That too.

Let me explain..

Over the years I've read MANY author blogs and I've seen a consistent love/hate relationship with their books. And now I understand more than ever. While reading the book again, I cringed. How could anyone love my book? Ever single word is rubbish and I'd love to start all over and write it again.

But halfway through my edits I began to see more track changes in my color, then her comments. I shoved my hands under my legs and stared at the screen. I had to stop, focus, and trust. Trust is the biggest thing for me. I had to learn to trust my editor and her thoughts. If the words were horrible, I doubt she'd allow it to be published, THAT I have trust in. I mean, I know there will be people who hate it (and that's a post for another day), but right now I need to focus on making it the best it can be.

This is where Victoria comes in. With her adorable accent telling me that the book is "brilliant" and "nearly there", calmed my nerves so much. We had a great discussion about the few tweaks I needed to make and also a little more about the process...and about the cover. You don't even know how excited I am to see my cover! I hope I can share it with you all *very* soon!

So, at this point my baby is off in the UK to be copyedited and I should get it back in the next week or the one after. My new focus is on the proposal for Book 2. I found a great article in plotting a trilogy and I will be sure to post about that very soon!!


  1. Awesome! I know it can be frustrating and even gut-wrenching at times. But try to enjoy the entire process. After all, your dream of becoming a published author is about to come true.