Moving on to...Book 2!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

On Friday I got a sneak peek of my cover! I'm not able to show it yet due to some minor tweaks that need to be addressed, but I can tell you that I absolutely love it and I think it is gorgeous!!! I hope you do as well. I will share the SECOND I can. I promise.

So now I have a new deadline coming up, and that's for my Book 2 proposal. I've learned a lot through this process and one of the key things for me is that I need to have a focus. I am a plotter. There. I said it. I appreciate a good outline that has the ability to reel me back into the story when I've wandered away from it. And that happens a lot.

I started a pretty spreadsheet with my main plot lines and as I was searching for ideas on the web, I came across J.K. Rowling's outline for Harry Potter.


I remember it from a while ago when it first came out, but I thought it was neat how subconsciously I started to plot in a similar way. Mine is a bit more simplistic, focusing on the three main story lines. And even though I am a plotter, I leave a bit of wiggle room for inspiration to strike. I mostly focus on the main plot points for my characters and move on, leaving the setting, dialogue, and secondary characters on the back burner until I start writing.

This weekend will *hopefully* be productive with my proposal for Victoria, even though I'm working all weekend, but I will find time!!

Writers out there, are you plotters or pantsers? What is your process in starting a new book?