Olympus Has Fallen

Monday, April 8, 2013

11 The hubs and I went to see Olympus Has Fallen yesterday, and we loved it! I enjoy watching action movies in a theater because you get the whole surround sound experience. I felt like I got a workout watching this movie because my heart was RACING the whole time. Partly because of the action, but mostly because of <3Gerry Butler<3. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this man. A few friends refer to him as my 2nd husband. I've followed Mr. Butler since I saw him in Phantom of the Opera in 2004 and I've been hooked ever since.

Anyway! Back to the movie...without spoiling too much, the movie is about a secret service agent, Mike Banning (Gerry) who is taken off President Asher's service (played by Aaron Eckhart. Does anyone else get him confused with Thomas Jane?). But as the White House comes under attack, he uses his skills and knowledge from his previous job to get into the White House to rescue the President and other hostages. I was on the edge of my seat 98% of the movie. And that is rare for me because I can usually spot plot points from a mile away. A few other talented folks joined the cast, Morgan Freeman and Dylan McDermott (not to be confused with Dermot Mulroney, anyone see the SNL skit???). They did a fantastic job as well.

If you like action and enjoy some hot men (what? I'm a girl!) I think this is a great movie to go with your significant other or with friends. This movie has something for everyone and I would highly recommend it!!

Check out the official website for Olympus Has Fallen. 

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