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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lately I've been in a book slump. I used to be the type of person that HAD to finish a book once I started but now there are so many books at my fingertips that if one doesn't grab my interest right away I give it up. There used to be guilt associated with it, but now I move on. As a writer, I fear for someone disliking my book but I do understand that sometimes a book won't catch someones interest. And I'm okay with that.

I remember a time when I read book after book and was so excited each one, but now there are purchased books on my Kindle and I stare at them, hoping that the next one I pick will be the *one* to get me out of my slump.

I am absolutely not saying that I've read books lately that weren't great, but they haven't been consistent between books. Garsh I hate disappointment.

But! I'd like to share with you some books that I've read lately based on some recommendations that I absolutely loved:

10507293 I will 100% admit that I am a book cover snob. Over the years I've been a bit more lenient in my critique after reading a really fantastic book with a really bad cover, LOL. But this book fed my inner snob like only a few have in the past. I mean, come on... GORGEOUS! And the story was pretty great too. I heard this was a Hunger Games meets the Bachelor, which I agree with, but there was more to it too and I am interested in continuing the series to see where it goes. P.S. Totally Team Maxon.

15716154 I'm about halfway through the PLL series but this series I can't help pick up the day it comes out. I am so intrigued with this series that it's quite insufferable at times to wait for the next one. Ms. Shepard is the QUEEN of YA suspense in my mind. She builds, builds, builds, then it all comes crashing down. Every. Single. Book. Then she smacks you in the head with a cliffhanger and I'm all...


Thank you for that Sara Shepard. Thank you. (but I'm addicted!!!)

16143323 Freaking adorable. That's all I have to say. (If you love the Princess Diaries, you will LOVE this New Adult book). Recommended by my lovely friend, Lynsey, over at Narratively Speaking.





15858248 Definitely an 18+ book, but the story was so addicting and the characters were so fun to read! A great beach read, I think.






So there are some happy moments for me. I lurve (yes I said lurve) book recommendations so fire away in the comments.

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