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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I thought that coming out of the writing cave would be a mental break for me....but I forgot about my day-to-day. I do have a day job, a very busy one, and a house to renovate, and a hubs and puppy to take care of, and in my free time I take piano lessons. I can't think backwards and imagine how they were all intact while I incessantly wrote each night until midnight to reach my latest deadline, or I might go insane.

I received a small note from Victoria and it perked me up a bit. She says she is "thoroughly enjoying" my revised manuscript.

thumbs up haymitch

Wahoo! That was a nice surprise. While revising, I feel that I am so close to the book that I can't pick out major story plot holes yet with reassurance like that I hope that I am on the right page. It's all a waiting game now and all I can do is get on with my life (I still haven't cleaned the house... eep!) until the next round of edits comes around (hopefully that list isn't too big!).

On another note, my book club chose The Great Gatsby for next month. We normally don't read books that have been read my one or more people in the club, but this time everyone wanted to reread. I was reluctant to tell everyone that I had not read it in high school. But it's actually a pretty short book and with their raving reviews I started it yesterday. We are doing a field trip to the theater along with our discussion at a local tapas place. Fun fun!!

Have you read The Great Gatsby? Thoughts?

I'll be sure to post a review of it when I'm done, and possibly the movie too!

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