Iron Man 3

Saturday, May 4, 2013

iron-man-3-official-hd I haven't been to a movie on release day in a long time, but this was one movie I couldn't help but go on the first day. And the fact that the hubs and I agreed on the same movie solidified the need even more. I am a huge RDJ huge. Like tingles in my stomach when he grins kind of fan. I think his acting skills are amazing and the fact that he openly admits his wife brought him out of the darkness of drug rehabilitation makes him more of a man in my opinion.

I'm not really a comic book person, I will see the big movies but none of them gets my attention like Iron Man. His character arc is a big slow (which is fine with me) but in this movie he was in the dark place after what happened in New York (this is carry over from the Avengers movie, FYI). His cockiness was a bit forced because under the surface he is still dealing with the whole aliens/wormhole thing. His relationship with Pepper was suffering a bit too and it tore at my heartstrings a bit. Team Pepperony!!!

iron-man-3-tony-stark-robert-downey-jrThe action was fricken awesome and I loved how the Iron Man suits almost had their own roles to play, which was a cool dynamic and made for a hell of a final showdown. Pepper Potts had her spotlight too and Ms. Paltrow did a fantabulous job making Pepper more of a solidified woman in Tony Stark's world.

There was a lot more RDJ/Iron Man fighting in this movie which I loved. In the previous movies Tony was in the suit so I assumed a lot of the stunts were done with a stunt guy (I'm sure he did some too, but...). A new dynamic was a hybrid Tony/suit with him attaching pieces of his suits while he fought the bad guys. Another dynamic that showed off RDJ's awesome skills.

Men, women, and children alike will love this movie. It's filled to the brim with action, love, comedy, sadness, and you will feel fulfilled by the end. I highly recommend it!

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