Language of Spells by Sarah Painter: Guest Post

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm so happy to have Sarah on my blog today and to be a part of her Language of Spells blog tour. I am so jealous of your writing space!! Take it away, Sarah!

A peek inside my writing room

my office_smallI’ve been a freelance journalist and blogger since having my first child, and have been writing fiction regularly for over seven years. I’ve worked in bed and at the dining room table, snatching hours between naptimes and school runs, laundry loads and cooking, but always dreamed of having a dedicated space of my own. Last year, that dream came true and I’m now the exceedingly proud owner of a writing shed. Okay, it’s not a shed. It’s the most amazing little building, supplied and installed by the brilliant Booth’s Garden Studios, and I adore it.

It’s not just the luxury of having a dedicated room in which to write and the space to store my paperwork, books, and craft stuff, it’s the physical separation of work and home life that is most valuable. While I’m still happy to work on my netbook in the house and be available for the kids, it’s also brilliant to be able to ‘go to work’ and then ‘come home’ afterwards.


So, this is my desk and yes, I did tidy it up a bit before taking this photo. You can see my ever-present mug of tea, a Sunnydale High School mug with pretty pens, and a red desk lamp that was a complete bargain.


I have a bookcase in one corner to hold writing and reference books. The bunting is made from vintage fabric by my mum and the (apt) print that reads ‘you can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me’ was an office-warming gift from a dear friend. Next to that, you can see the collage-in-progress for the follow-up to The Language of Spells.

Thank you for visiting my writing room - I hope you’ve enjoyed it. And thank you to Katlyn for hosting me!

When you are ready, seek, and you shall find. It is your gift. Gwen Harper left Pendleford thirteen years ago and hasn’t looked back. Until an inheritance throws her into the mystical world she thought she’d escaped.

Confronted with her great-aunt’s legacy Gwen must finally face up to her past. The magic she has long tried to suppress is back with a vengeance but gift or burden, for Gwen, it always spells trouble. She has to stay – she has nowhere else to go – but how can she find her place in the town that drove her out after branding her a witch…?

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