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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friday morning I pressed 'send' on Soul Possessed. Currently she (yes she's a she) is in the hands of my editor. I forgot the feeling of terror that I have every time I send an MS or revisions over the pond, along with the relief! All day yesterday I was able to actually get things done... what a concept! I went back to my Camp NaNo MS and it was nice to explore new characters without added pressure of a deadline looming. Even though the 'deadline' for NaNo is 7/31 I know I won't get the whole book finished but it's nice to write something else so when I return to SP later this month I'll have a refreshed mind.

Also this week, I'll be plotting for what is 'hopefully' going to be my next series. I'll be exploring a myth that has always fascinated and terrified me.

During the past month of writing, if I needed a mental break I would turn to movies. I like to watch movies for entertainment and story lines. I enjoy seeing what works and what doesn't, character development, and believability. And I tend to stay out of the genre I'm working on.

In Theaters


I became aware of Kevin Hart when I was in college and he visited my school. He is absolutely hilarious and my favorite comedian. My husband and I actually are in complete agreement about this (which is rare). So when he released Let Me Explain this week, we rushed to the theater to see it. And as expected, it was amazing. His new material was so funny and had us cracking up the whole time. New catch phrases galore! This is a must see for fans and those who are looking for a great laugh.

man-of-steel-poster-02To be honest I'm not a fan of the Superman franchise, but after seeing 'Man of Steel' I can say I've been converted. I loved the story and the special effects were amazing!! And stating the obvious, I've fallen so hard for Henry Cavill. My Matt Bomer look-alike, blue-eyed, muscles galore schmexy all around man. Look at those eyes.


I've never wanted to be Amy Adams more...


Oh wait...


My insides every time he came on screen...


okay, moving on!!

From Redbox


This movie was unexpected, hilarious, and mortifying. It was made up of short stories surrounding a bigger plot line. It was a huge cast with a lot of A-listers. I really can't pick a favorite two really stood out for me was my love, Gerry Butler playing a leprechaun, and John Duhamel's short was INSANE. I don't know if I can ever look at him the same again, LOL.


I'm normally not a Miley Cyrus fan, but with Josh Bowman and Jeremy Piven on the cover, I couldn't help but take a look. It was cute, reminding me of a college-level Miss Congeniality. Miley's character had to infiltrate a sorority to uncover FBI information. And I forgave much of the corniness because, come on, how can you resist that smile?



On Demand


This was another movie that both the hubs and I enjoyed. It was hilarious and quite an adventure for these three best friends. And <3Skylar<3. Adorbes.


From Netflix


I'm a huge fan of Chris Messina so this was an obvious choice for me. It was a slow-going drama about finding your place in life. It was something different for him and I really enjoyed it. And oh man, Topher Grace's character was atrocious (in the best way). I'd definitely recommend it!



So after watching 'So Undercover' I realized Miley wasn't THAT bad so I watched LOL. It was a cute movie, and reminded me of my high school experience. I loved the story and watching Lola's relationship with her friends and family all intertwined together into a really feel-good movie.


I saved the one for last, because goodness it was terrible. And it was one of those train wrecks that you wanted to redeem itself but never did. Someone on Facebook mentioned how horrible this movie was and I guess I am a glutton for punishment. The main girl was adorable and I think she was the only one to keep me watching. The "mean girls" were obviously mean but it felt so forced to live up to the awesome sauce movie that "Mean Girls" was.

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think?

Oh and stay tuned for my trailer for Soul Taken to be released this week. The lovely Hannah Pole, fellow Carina UK author, graciously compiled it for me. I love it and I hope you do as well!

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