#SoulPossessed Revisions: Done!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I submitted my revisions yesterday. Pause for happy dance..


I never tire of the relief that lifts me up after a deadline is met. Granted I was busy yesterday immediately after, I still felt great. I extended the ending a bit, but I'm not sure what Victoria will think so I'll keep you updated on that. Otherwise I think I nailed the questions pretty well even though some passages literally took me an hour to fix (and it was usually only one or two sentences).

The pops came down to paint the basement so I was able to have a nice dinner with him and watch Forgetting Marshall, even though it was on FX so basically the soul was stolen from the movie, but you know, it's still awesome.

My celebratory movie was (and probably always will be) Pitch Perfect.

It's inspiring, girl powered...


fun, hilarious,

Then there's this...


And this... wait just stay here for a minute...

Wow, I got really off track here. Skylar does this to me. Any who, this week will be filled with social media goodness. I won't feel the need to rush on and off Twitter or Facebook, and I might even schedule some posts.

If you are interested in any topics, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Sayonara for now!


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