Top Ten Things: That Make My Life As A Reader Easier

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is my first Top Ten post (click for the original post) even though I've been following the meme for quite some time. This topic really stuck with me and even though I don't have ten things, I still wanted to participate.

PrintI discovered NetGalley quite a while ago when I was just a baby book blogger, but it has proved to be an amazing resource for building early buzz for authors and their books. I get quite excited when a favorite author or anticipated book arrives on the site.

I am a Goodreads addict. There I said it. This site has a wealth of information and it's one of my favorite places to go on a daily basis. And I love how I can track my progress, rate and review, and create shelves for my books. Shameless plug here... Soul Taken & Soul Possessed are on there if you want to add them. :0)

CalibreCalibre is a wonderful resource to manage your books all in one neat place. You can import your books from your device and make a virtual library. I download a lot of books and sometimes they get lost in my endless Kindle library so it's nice to see them all in one place. Also, there are a lot of fun plug-ins to add to the functionality of the program.

kindle_logo-300x300Speaking of Kindle...goodness I love my Kindle. I am a big fan of Amazon as a whole so it was fate that brought us together. I have the Kindle App on my iPhone and iPad, along with a Paperwhite and a Kindle Fire, so whatever device is near me I can pick up where I left off on my current book. But I do love my Paperwhite a bit more because sometimes I need distraction-free reading, and the backlight is just fricken amazing.
twitter-logo-hashtagOut of all the social media sites, I really enjoy Twitter and it's where you can find me most of the time. It's a quick way to share and experience news/media/book rec's from people all over the world. It's pretty amazing.

And of course, there are the bloggers. Prior to publication I was a book blogger and I found an endless supply of book recommendations that fed my reading fire. And I still continue to follow and read blogs in my endless need to surround myself with books.



  1. Today is my first top ten too! I am posting mine later today.

  2. Great! I will be sure to check it out! I am currently making my way through the linky list ;)

  3. I will have to check out Calibre for SURE! Thanks for sharing!!
    My TTT

  4. It's really a great program! And it's free! Can't get better than that :)