TV Obsessed: Once Upon a Time

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I have an addictive personality. Once tapped, this part of me its uncontrollable. It's been a while since I've been obsessed with a TV show, I believe the last time was when I discovered True Blood after the third season had ended. The hubs and I watched Seasons 1-3 in 7 days. Seven days of counting down the minutes until I could watch again. After we were done I had to wait a whole year for the next season.


After that particular breakdown, I promised myself if I found another series like this, I would take my time...

When Once Upon  a Time came out, I did watch it. To be honest it was a "meh" show for me. I let them pile up on my DVR because I just wasn't invested. Until, I fell for Graham.



And then......SPOILER ALERT!

And then they go and kill him.


I lost all faith in the show. How could they kill this adorable man????? Him and Emma had such chemistry!!!

The next two episodes were dead to me. Then I deleted the rest off my DVR and moved on with my life.

So here I am two years later. I tried to ignore all the tweets about OUAT and how all my favorite "Lost" actors were appearing on the show. After I had enough time to heal my broken heart (about Graham's crushed heart) and found it on Netflix, I started with that dreadful episode. It hurt again, but not as much, then I continued on.

And I am so happy I did! I am okay with saying I was wrong and now I'm obsessed. And I AM taking my time with the episodes even though it's killing me not to know everything.

I really love all the characters, even Regina, if you can believe that.

Are there any other OUAT fans out there? Sound off in the comments! If there is an interest (and I have time) I might do a weekly post about OUAT, mostly to revel in my obsession, but I'd love to hear other OUAT fans thoughts about the show.

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