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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another fabulous Carina UK author is releasing her book this week. A fellow YA writer as well, exploring one of my favorite paranormal creatures...mermaids!! Take it away Natasha!

1081468_1410177752526949_703154845_nKatlyn and I, although she lives in America and I live in Africa, share a bookshelf. A bookshelf in which two complete books, two books in the making, and I’m sure many more books in our imaginations, reside. A bookshelf filled with fantastical characters that may well share the human world but don’t quite fit in. A bookshelf of young adult paranormal adventures…

Our genre, is a complex place and I think that’s why I love it. It’s a genre where a lot is happening too. Great stories are being written in this space, stories that challenge me to think about the world I live in and my role in it. Stories that haunt me for months after reading them, stories that make me want to keep questioning, keep exploring.

So for me, it was a no brainer to write within this genre. One of the reasons is that because the audience is so diverse, YA require a story and characters that are universally human. People reading in this genre range from tweens to the mid-life crisis bunch and so I’ve found that writers need to explore themes like adventure- the really important types where characters have to risk everything to succeed, romance in some of its purest forms and most importantly for me, the essence of good vs. evil in this genre.

Another thing I find really interesting about YA are the rules of engagement. There is no hiding behind “adult” content in YA, if the story isn’t strong enough and the characters unbelievable they are immediately exposed to an incredibly astute audience.

Finally, for me it has to be the audience that has drawn me to this genre. I am fascinated by the potential that resides in every person, be they a ten year old who is just beginning to question his or her way of thinking, or a fifty year old with years of wisdom and sometimes a tinge of jading. And so YA challenges me to speak to all of them. To write novels that are interesting and adventure filled, but also dare the reader to question what they think they know, to question their responses to the adventure of their life.

I can’t think of a more exciting genre to write in.

Surrender to the power of the water…
Alex knows she is different. She’s plagued by nightmares that feel shockingly real and an intense restlessness she cannot explain. As the long hot summer holidays stretch before her, Alex seeks out adventure in the rugged mountains of Injisuthi. But during a camping trip to the mystic jade pools, Alex meets Merrick, a boy who tells her the shocking truth about herself, and Alex’s nightmare is about to become reality. Because Alex is no ordinary teenager…she is a half-mermaid and her adventures are only just beginning.

Release Date
: August 16 from Carina UK
Pre-order Water today! Carina UK | Amazon | Kobo

About the Author: Natasha Hardy began writing when the adventure of her life had turned dark and gloomy, as all adventures must at some point, if they are to be classified as a true adventure. It was in the depths of the winter of her adventure that she found a way, through writing, to escape into the sun.

Like most escapes it turned into an adventure all of its own, where characters have their own problems to solve, albeit far more complex problems involving mythical creatures that aren’t meant to exist, and expect far more than they reasonably should.

Her escapes, for there are many still to come, are sparked by the adventures she has had in the wildly beautiful South African bush, seasoned with the true stories of the explorers who make up her ancestry, and woven through with the intrigue, and sometimes sheer madness, of living in Africa.

She now spends most of her time-happily- in a world of words, and the rest trying to keep up with her part time rock star, full time doctor husband and their two gorgeously mischievous little boys. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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