#WheatenWednesday: Salad

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In our house, "salad" is more than just leafy greens adorned with other delicious veggies. Because Jamie has hair instead of fur somehow she just picks up everything. Probably static cling, but I'm thinking more like velcro. EVERY time she goes outside she picks up something. And she doesn't just pick it up, it somehow embeds in her hair, forcing me to pull at it while she gives me her "WTF" face. At some point the hubs and I started calling the debris, "salad". This is just one example, one of my favorite actually. She is a snuffler. She will snuffle across the ground picking up whatever isn't already attached to the Earth. Here she is with quite a bit of salad in her beard...

This pic was taken a while ago when she was in her fluffy-bangs stage. And she was exhausted from getting a bath. (Or she just secretly hates that I take pictures of her)

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