Writing the proposal: Book 3

Sunday, September 8, 2013

With each book, besides my original submission, I've had to write up a proposal/synopsis and several chapters to sent to my editor. It's all big picture stuff , giving away plot points and the entire story (the ending included). I've never been a 'pantser' so when it comes down to writing a proposal, I think I have a little bit of an advantage. Rarely does the book follow exactly the way I write the proposal, but it's usually pretty close. I do leave room for creative inspiration.

Last week I submitted the proposal and first few chapters for Book 3 and I nervously waited to hear back. Unlike with Soul Possessed where I didn't write one word until I heard back (besides the submitted chapters, which actually had to be rewritten due to a POV issue), with Book 3 I kept going. For me it's better to write something and have to edit it then lose precious writing time. Fortunately this time there were only a few clarification issues with the proposal (thankfully none of them were from the chapters I submitted), but otherwise I got the thumbs up. Go me!


If you know me, you'll know I'm not really a crier. Tears are even more rare when I read. Don't misunderstand, I do have an strong emotional connection while reading and writing, but I don't usually show it. Probably because I'm a devout introvert. But while writing the ending for Book 3 I did get a little bit blurry eyed. I want to think it was because the trilogy is coming to an end, but I think it's a little more than that. When I write, I write big visuals. I love my big scenes to take place in really concrete and interesting places. For instance one of the biggest scenes in Soul Taken takes place in a cave system. The ending for Book 3 has a lot of awesome set pieces but the one that made me emotional was the very last scene. It's a subtle backdrop but it's incredibly beautiful and really brings Maggie's story full circle. Even though it's tough getting everything on the table in a proposal, the story fleshes out in my mind, preparing me to sit down and actually write the darn thing.

Now that that part is done, I am anxiously awaiting my cover/blurb for Soul Possessed and copy edits. This is the first time I will have to go back and forth between two books at the same time, which will be a strange experience but I'm very excited about it!

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