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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

*Pops head up from cave* Well hello there! Yesterday was a big day for me, after months of writing and dealing with a massive renovation on my second floor giving me a whole new meaning to 'living room' (we actually are living in that room, bed and suitcases of closes), I am baaccck. I sent in the first round draft for Book 3 in The Life After trilogy (so bittersweet!) and Soul Possessed was released!! (check the sidebar for buy links ~~~~~>)

Go ahead, I'll wait for you to do that...

Meanwhile...I'll just hang out and wait until you return...

*tingles everywhere* finally!!!

Ahem...so that happened (which was amazing by the way!)

I am currently on tour with Soul Possessed and the reviews have been awesome which helped me when I was in the dreaded while fixing the middle of Book 3 and completely blocked. Keep them coming I'd love to hear from you! *Side note* If you are looking for an amazing book tour group, Rockstar Book Tours is the way to go, they ARE pretty awesome.

SO what's next? Lots and lots of reading. I made an unrealistic TBR list (what TBR list isn't outrageous??) and I am plotting a new (hopefully) series. I will be catching up on my DVR'd shows since I missed the PLL Halloween episode (don't throw things at me please!) and many others. 
And as much as I can't ever stop writing, I am giving myself a break (maybe 2 days). The final scenes in Book 3 were a bit overwhelming for me and I am mentally recovering. I actually went back to my very first submission and took the final scene that was cut in an effort to extend the series and plugged it right in there with some minor changes. It was pretty cool to realize that I knew how I wanted my series to end even then. Maggie has gone through quite a journey and I felt that is where she was always headed. So I hope Victoria loves it as much as I do and obviously you all of course!

Oh and as a final note, there is a big sale on Carina UK books on Amazon for 99c/99p, including Soul Taken! Click on the covers below to see the US websites to the books (for UK just replace .com with .co.uk). I've read a few (and most are on my ridiculous TBR list) and they are pretty awesome books! I am very proud to be a part of this group.

Okay one more...
I. Just. Can't.

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