Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 to you all! I hope your holiday season was unforgettable.

I've never been one for resolutions, but I have made a few "writerly" ones:

1. Write every day. 10 words or 1000 words. One thing I learned in 2013 is that you can't edit a blank page.

2. Read more. With writing on deadline there wasn't much time for reading, which made me quite sad. I promise to read one "fun book" a week. Here is the Goodreads challenge to prove it, and make me more accountable! (eep!)

That is all. 2013 was a fabulous year for me. I published 2 books and I am starting off 2014 with Soul Betrayed on the way and also some awesome news that I don't want to jinx by spilling just yet, so I am pretty content with hoping that rolls over to 2014.

Share your resolutions in the comments if you want, I'd love to read them!

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