Trailer Reveal: Soul Betrayed (The Life After #3)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am so excited to share with you the official book trailer for Soul Betrayed (The Life After #3)! This is the final installment of The Life After trilogy and it's releasing exactly a week from now on Feb 27! Be sure to pre-order before then so you can be one of the first to read the conclusion of Maggie's story.


  Release date: February 27, 2014 from Carina UK   Series: Book 3 in The Life After Trilogy   Genre: YA Paranormal   ASIN: B00H55ED9C A Life for a Life The battle between Shadowed and Guard has brought destruction and terror to Gate Seven and now Maggie wants revenge. As the only after-life being who can save the souls from ultimate death Maggie comes face to face with her own human body, preserved for a century, waiting for just this moment to arrive. Yet, how far will Maggie go to exact her revenge on the Shadowed? And when she comes face to face with her past, how will she survive the onslaught of memories she thought long gone? For when the truth comes out all is not what it seems and Maggie has finally run out of time... She must choose her destiny or watch all she has perish in the fight for her life!
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