Halloween Book Trail (HBT14): The Cemetery Trail!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Welcome to the second stop of The Cemetery Trail!

This is the first ever Halloween Book Trail, featuring your favorite YA & MG authors! This trail is based on the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes presented by the Apocalypsies. In THIS trail, you’ll find all kinds of posts, and discover new authors and their word.

How do you play? Every post contains information that will lead to killer prizes! At the end of each blog you’ll find a link that will take you to the next stop in the trail. By the end, you’ll find a quiz. Now you’ll be happy you read all the posts! Submit your entry to the quiz for a change to win a grand prize! Accuracy matters here, so take your time, or go back and refresh your memory! One quiz entry per trail.

For those who don't know me.... I'm the author of the YA Paranormal trilogy, THE LIFE AFTER, and the YA/NA contemporary romances THIS SUMMER and THIS CHRISTMAS (out November 2014!) with Carina UK.

And here's my spooky interview...

Do you legit believe in ghosts and things that bump in the night? (We won’t think you’re cray)
I do think there are "other things" out there and there's a lot about death we don't know or can comprehend. So in terms of ghosts, absolutely I believe in them. Other things that go bump in the night, no (if I said yes I'd never sleep!).

Would you rather be covered in slime or covered in blood?
Slime please!

If the zombie apocalypse happened (and it will), what would be your weapon of choice?
I'm no Michonne, so I'd have lots and lots of guns.

What magical/supernatural creature do you secretly want to be?

What is your dream subject to write about?
Pulling from the above question, I'd love to write about shifters, but I'd want to do the subject justice so I'd need the perfect idea.

What scares the pants out of you?
The dark, and hoards of ants (don't ask)

Thank you for participating! But before you go, I’m giving you a chance to win some awesome swag from THE LIFE AFTER trilogy, open to U.S. & CAN only. Please comment below with what you'll be dressing up as this Halloween, or your favorite costume from the past.  Be sure to include your email so I can notify the winner. Good luck!

For the next stop on the trail, visit Gretchen McNeil!

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  1. I'm not planning to dress up. bookishevents at gmail dot com

  2. I think I'm going to dress up as Wednesday Addams. Wee One wants me to dress up with here, and that's what I have the stuff for. :D katrina at bookishthingsandmore dot com

  3. I am going to be a dead zombie queen for Halloween.

  4. My favorite costume was the good old, angry tomato costume. Never hurts to look angry and delicious at the same time.

  5. I dressed up as the Mad Hatter.
    cfsresearcher.cg (at) gmail (dot) com