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Monday, October 20, 2014


Patrice Lyle believes in writing what you love. Since the age of ten, she’s been doing just that. Her father’s policeman tales sparked her love of mysteries. Stories of her great grandmother’s ESP sparked her love of the paranormal. And a trip to a drug store in England, where she bought a homeopathic remedy for a sore throat, sparked her love of natural health. She has a BA in Business, an MA in Writing Popular Fiction, and PhD in Holistic Nutrition; and she’s a Certified Traditional Naturopath. Now she lives with her husband and three cats near Memphis, where she’s working on her next novel and trolling the area for ghostly happenings.


I knew I wanted to write a middle grade mystery, but with paranormal elements. I love Nancy Drew novels, and I thought, 'what if I wrote a paranormal Nancy Drew about a teen witch who solves mysteries?' And then I thought,'What if she goes to a charm school for polite witches?' From there, the story blossomed and the Poison Ivy Charm School series was born. Writing about Tulip and her friends has been really fun.


Yes! When I was a nanny in Europe with my sister (when we were 18 and 19) we visited a really cool haunted castle in Devon, England called Berry Pomeroy. The ruins of the old castle was really creepy to see late at night. Numerous stories abound about murders that occurred at the castle and there was a heavy feeling on the grounds. Some say if you touch the stone, you could feel the terror. And it was true. The stone remains were cool to the touch, but hot to the soul. We also visited the catacombs in Paris...talk about spooky! Skeletal remains filled corridors beneath the streets of Paris and poems about death lined the walls. We strolled through areas filled to the ceiling with stacks of skulls,leg bones, and arm bones. I've never seen so many bones! It was seriously spooky!


I'm working on another Poison Ivy Charm School mystery novel about Tulip and her friends. I love writing mysteries and paranormal.

If Elle Woods were a teenage demon, her name would be  Morgan Skully. 

Morgan Skully is the world's only blonde demon girl, and she's got a brand new, very unusual afterschool job.  Spying for the Devil.  She'd much rather use her cloak-and-dagger skills to spy on hottie-licious Derek with her friends, but the Devil won't take no for an answer.  Luckily for Morgan, her new boss is kinda hot.  Her assignment is simple: find out who at Pitchfork Prep is funneling secrets to the Siberian Werewolf Council.  If she succeeds, pedicures and platinum highlights are just the beginning.  But if she fails, she'll be expelled before she can woo Derek into asking her to the Brimstone Ball!



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