If I Could Write a Different Genre...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What genre would you like to write for that you’ve not tried yet?

Before my publishing contract with Carina UK, I always wrote what inspired me. Whether it was a random idea or dream, I would just go where my imagination took me. But with deadlines came the focus on whatever project I was working on. By no means am I complaining but in those brief weeks between projects, I do contemplate what is next for me.

So far in my publishing career I’ve written a young adult paranormal trilogy (THE LIFE AFTER) and a New Adult contemporary romance novel and novella series (THIS SUMMER). As much as I love writing in those genres, I’ve always wanted to write in the sci-fi genre. As a scientist by trade, the ideas flow on a daily basis. I have a few ideas in the pipeline but I really enjoy the freedom and creativity in science fiction and I’m excited to explore that in the future.

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